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Springfield Cheerleading
2018-2019 High School Cheerleading Squad
Sponsor: Koby McEndree
 Cheerleaders: Yulie Garcia, Amelia Mort, Abby Garcia, Alayah Meltabarger, 
Shelby Wallace, Addie Miranda, Alivia Elliot                       
                                                                                                 Let's Go Longhorns!!!    

2017-2018 Junior High Cheerleading Squad
Sponsor: Carla Forrest
Rayne Thomas, Clarissa Cooper, Alex Cornell, Bryann Forrest, Savana Abrams, 
Brody Rosengrants, Karina Garcia, Kimber Chenoweth, Aliya Cohoon, Ashlynn Cornell and Maelin Lasley
Not Pictured: Lindsey Hodges

Let's Go Shorthorns!!!
We would like to thank Garret Hodges and Peoples Credit Union for donating pom poms! 
Thank you!!