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Another HOCO Shutdown

    This was the third homecoming shut down for the Longhorns. Last Saturday, on warm and sunny afternoon, your Springfield Longhorns traveled to Las Animas to face the Trojans. From the start, Springfield's offense, defense, and special teams just simply worked. Every play was executed just how the Longhorns wanted. By the end of the first quarter, the score was 36-0, the Longhorns were in the lead. At the half, the score was 42-6. The final score was 48-22. Offense, led by Beau Dukes and Hayden Lasley, was untouchable. Lanes and passing room was wide open with help of the great offensive blocking. Defense: a fumble recovery by Gutierrez and two interceptions by Lasley and Suarez led to the high achievement in defensive coordination. Tate, kicked multiple field goals in order to assure a steady lead on the board. The Springfield Longhorns looked like a team. "Execute" was the name of the game that afternoon and that's exactly what happened.

    The Longhorns face the Fowler Grizzlies this Friday, and this going to be a very important game. The Longhorns must win this week to take the first step in assuring a spot in the playoffs. The Longhorns are digging deep, working hard, and ready to face the Grizzlies with everything they got. 



Name  Position  Weight  Class 

Beau  Dukes   -  QB/S  -  180  -  SR.

Gavin Barnes   -  WR/LB  -  180 -   SR. 

Alex Suarez   -   RB/LB   -   180  -   SR. 

Patrick Jones   -   OL/DL   -   190   -   SR. 

Alec Tate   -   OL/DL   -   200  -   SR. 

Enrique Gutierrez   -  TE/DL -  240  -  SR. 

Enrique Rodgers  -  RB/S  -  140  -  JR. 

Tyson Campbell  - OL/LB  -  165  -  JR. 

Jacob Freiberger  -  OL/DL  -  180  -  JR.

Levi Hancock  -  WR/DL  -  120  -  JR. 

Hayden Lasley  -  RB/LB   -  155  -  SO. 

Luke Hutches  -  QB/DB  -  150  -   SO.

Gavin Willimon  -  OL/DL  -  160  -  SO.

Cody Coleman  -  OL/DL  -  245  -  SO.

Cahil Roberson  -  TE/DL  -  145  -  SO.

Brayden Hancock  -  OL/DL  -  120 - FR. 

Jason Campbell  -  WR/S  -  120  - FR. 

Malcom Lovejoy - OL/DL  -  175 - FR. 

Head Coach: Kyle Lasley 

Assistant Coaches: Doug Hutches and Danny Kelly 

Managers: Gunner Mackey and Kyler Crane 

Videography: Denver Hilton