Springfield Awarded BEST grant for new construction

In June 2019, Springfield School District was awarded a “Safety & Security Grant” to provide badly needed upgrades and replacement of critical access control and other systems.  This work is currently underway in the Jr/Sr. High School and will remain in place for years to come. These improvements include a front vestibule, new doors and Ai Phone entrance system at key entry points to the high school, elementary and pre-school, a new modern fire alarm system, a school intercom system, and a fume hood and eye wash/shower for the science lab.

On the heels of the 2019 BEST Grant award, Springfield School District began an assessment of all District facilities with the intent of developing a Master Plan to correct functionally obsolescence and provide 21st Century educational facilities.  

In early February 2020, Springfield School District completed and submitted a Grant Application for the 2020/2021 BEST Grant Program.  In late June 2020, Colorado Department of Education notified the District they were successful and a Grant was awarded in the amount of $34,154,782.00.

The BEST Grant Program is a competitive matching grant program.  Springfield School District will be required to provide a financial match of $5,990,000.00 in order to complete the total project funding of $40,144,782.00.  In essence, it will cost the local taxpayers of Springfield School District $5,990,000 to get an additional $34,154,782.00 from the State of Colorado.

Stay tuned for additional updates on progress as we work with the School Board, CDE, State of Colorado and our team of consultants to develop a project that will shape the future of the Springfield School District.