6-12 Classrooms will Move to the New Space @ 475 West 5th Avenue over Spring Break

Springfield Jr/Sr High is Moving!

Press Release: February 01, 2023

6 Minutes w/ Swayne, 02/01

Springfield School District is publishing a change in the school calendar for 6-12 students to accommodate the move into the completed 6-12 classrooms at 475 West 5th Avenue.  The moving process and re-entry to school after spring break will be a unique experience for everyone!   

On Thursday, March 09, students grades 6-12 will NOT have class. This day will be used by staff at the junior and senior high school to organize and pack classrooms, offices, and storage spaces.  Students in grades PK-5 will come to school as usual with breakfast and lunch being served. 

Students in PK-12 will begin spring break from March 10- 19, 2023.  This is the regularly scheduled event and will remain as published.  Teachers at Springfield Schools will use March 10 as a work day to finalize quarter 3 grades and the move for classrooms 6-12.   

Students 6-12 will be on an adjusted half-day schedule on Monday, March 20.  The purpose of this flexible schedule is to spend time with students 9-12 and 6-8 independently to show the students the new spaces, detail how to use the building, where to find help, and how to map out success for quarter 4.  

  • 9-12 Students attend 7:45 AM - 11:45 AM

  • 6-8 Students attend 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM 

    • NOTE: some 9-12 student leaders will remain on campus to connect and help students through the process. 

Springfield Schools will run a mid-day route to ensure transportation to or from school on March 20.  It is vital that students come to school and learn about, move into, and understand all that the new space offers. Details about how this mid-day route on March 20 will be released to current bus students and families at a later date in February. 

The new 6-12 classroom space will host a variety of new details for students, staff, and the community.  Students will notice state-of-the-art classroom space with new furniture, a brand-new network for WfI, and a kitchen/cafeteria that is unique and new.  Bathrooms will resemble spaces seen in shopping malls or airports, while collaboration spaces are designed to give students a chance to gather and enjoy each others’ presence.  

A few re-established rules will come into play as we move into the space.  For many years Springfield Schools has gotten away from being a tidy school where food, drinks, and convenience have outweighed other focus areas.  SHS will not allow students to eat in classrooms, store food in hallways, or bring anything other than water into classrooms as defined by staff.  Bottle fill stations will remain a major part of the new space for use by students and staff.  The new cafeteria and commons area are perfect places to gather and enjoy snacks and friendship according to scheduled times.  

Lastly, a major impact of the new move-in is the extinguished access to the weight room at the schools.  Beginning March 01, 2023, the weight room and its contents will no longer be available to anyone in the community or beyond the school day.  Students will be deconstructing the current space, packing, and moving the equipment beginning March 01.  Once the weight room is re-established in the new building, access without SSD staff present will be a risk to the safety of our students, records, classrooms, and technology.  Springfield Schools hopes to aid our community as the recreation agency may devise and create a plan for the future.   

The future is now, and the work that the community is putting forth to improve our schools is amazing.  Details about this move will continue to be updated at our Springfield Website for easy access at any time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s school or the district office.  

Once the move occurs, the construction zone and how to access buildings will change for all as well. More details will be published as they are available to release. The new zones and map is linked here as of Feb. 01, 2023.