SHS 2016-17 FBLA Officers
FBLA Officers
L to R: Jayci Westphal, Ally Loflin, Acadia Smith,  and Rebekah Heath

FBLA Officers Inducted
FBLA Members
         FBLA Officer Induction Ceremony                     FBLA Members

SHS FCCLA 2016-17 Officers
FCCLA Officers
L to R: Jayci Westphal, Justin Krueger, Tatelyn Lasley, Desiree Rose

Dr. Salmela Letter to Parents

August 2016

Dear Parents and Students:

I recently received an alumni publication from Illinois State University, and I’m going to borrow some of the sentiments. Whether a high school or a college, nothing compares to having students and faculty back for the start of another academic year. It’s poetry in motion.

I purposefully blocked out time in order to enter into all classrooms the first week of school. Organizational values were reinforced and tips for success were shared. There is no doubt that the journey in front of our students will be exceptionally challenging, but also rewarding and memorable.

The memories will last a lifetime. Lifelong friendships will be formed. Career opportunities will be explored. College pathways will be traveled. Expressions of kindness and gratitude will be commonplace. We expect that those carefully studying our school culture will notice our defining characteristics, namely our commitment to scholarship, leadership, and sportsmanship.

We believe in important things. All students can and will learn. Potentials are limitless, and not fixed. Effort is the key to college and career successes. We are an organization that looks for the best in others. We are an organization that chooses positive influences. We speak words of kindness. We value forgiveness. And we treat others the way we want to be treated.

We honor the “Golden Rule.”

We are living a theory, too. Our theory is that our society will be judged, and histories will be written, by the manner in which we treat others who are less fortunate than we. In order to influence the way our history will be written, we must make and live promises. We must:

  • Honor the “Golden Rule.”

  • Be kind and generous to others.

  • Respect school and private property.

  • Never give up.

  • Speak words of kindness, and consider others first.

Let there be no mistake about what we are doing at Springfield High School. We are adding value and changing lives for the better. We are building human capacity. We are transforming the community and SE Colorado. Our students are a powerful force, and we are blessed to be a part of their lives. Our students are building capacities and creating opportunities that will empower our community and state in the decades to come.


Dr. Kirk Salmela

Paul Angelico, CHSAA Commissioner
Letter to Parents

Friday, September 23rd

                Teacher Professional Day

Saturday, September 24th

                JH VB at Walsh Tourney, 9:00 a.m.

                HS Cross Country at Stanton County (Johnson)

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Springfield Booster Club
The SHS Booster Club will be selling SHS apparel at our home games. Stop by our table and check out the wonderful selection of items. 
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2015 - 2016 Elementary Yearbooks will be sent to print late this week or early next week. Look for them in your Tuesday Express soon!

Preschool Yearbooks will be close behind! 
Thank you for your patience!


2015-2016 Springfield Jr/Sr High Yearbooks are available at the High School office.

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